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Due to the actual situation, unfortunetly mining is not longer profitable. We will keep you informed.
Yout CryptoGold Team


Good news, we made the software update successful and booked all missing mining results since the update started. Tomorrow the results will be booked normal as usual.  
We wish you a nice weekend!
Your CryptoGold Team

Altcoins payments

We are happy to announce that all outstanding Altcoins have been paid out to the users. Also a large part of Bitcoin was distributed to the users. We are still working on checking the accounts and are making rapid progress in this respect.
Furthermore, we will be able to present you a completely new product very soon.

Tickets temporarily unavailable

Due to the restructuring of our servers, the ticket system will be temporarily unavailable. We are working at full speed to implement the changes. The Payouts as well as the cleaning of the accounts are still processed by the support team.

Presentation of the new management

As you already know, Cryptogold is under a new management. Today I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Alpay Gulden, CEO of Cryptogold since last year. Me and my team are still cleaning up the illegal accounts. This will continue to affect payouts and ticket processing. As soon as we are up to date on payouts and open tickets, we will begin to introduce our new products. You can look forward to something big!


Good news for all those who are interested in crypto. Very soon we will start selling again and have two interesting products in our portfolio. Shortly we will provide you with new information right here.

Due to the high number of new requests the answering of the support ticket is delayed. We are working hard to reduce the number of open tickets. We would like to ask you not to provide multiple tickets for payouts. All tickets will be read by support and will need to be processed. This only prolongs the time it takes to answer the tickets. Payouts will still be made on an ongoing basis. Due to the instances in the past, these will be checked carefully before the release, which will delay the payouts.

The update to Cryptogold 2.0 has now been completed and in retrospect was a complete success. The system is very stable and reliable. If you notice any bugs, please report them to support.


The sale of mining packages and other productsis currently not available in Germany and will not be possible until further notice. We will inform you in advance if there are any changes. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Get access to the future market with CryptoGold!

Crypto currencies have established themselves on the market and have shown in recent years rapid increases in value. CryptoGold offers you the opportunity to participate in this market and to mine your own coins. Our mining packages are individually staggered and thus allow a highly individual portfolio. Your mining results are credited to your account daily and can be quickly transferred to you thanks to our low payout limits – Mining as you imagine it!

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What exactly is mining in the crypto world?

In mining, bitcoins and old coins are extracted by providing computing power. Coins can thus be generated passively. Special “miners” with particularly high computing power are used for efficient prospecting. Various suppliers rent or sell these miners for a fee. The amount of the mined coins depends on the booked or available computing power as well as the difficulty of the network.


Easy to use Inerface

High Security

Miners in 6 Locations

Several Thousand Square Meters of Mining Facilities

Uptime of the miners 99%


The profit in mining depends on the one hand on the available computing power, the so-called “Hashrate” and on the other hand on factors such as: electricity costs, cooling, building rent, personnel costs, insurance, etc. CryptoGold offers different mining packages, which are connected with different computing capacities. So you can put together an individual package and dig several coins at once with your selection.

Basically, the higher the hashrate, the more coins can be generated.


With the CryptoGold packages you can claim computing power from highly efficient miners. To ensure smooth operation, the miners must be maintained regularly. However, the main cost factor is energy. All costs related to the miners are summarized in the Maintanance. The main balance is deducted from the booked computing power.

Thus the still “available computing power” of the packages exclusively serves your profit!


The amount of coins scraped increases over time. However, the actual profit achieved in euros or dollars depends largely on the selling price. The prices of the individual coins fluctuate over time. However, these tend to show a growing trend. CryptoGold exclusively transfers the prospected results to VC. So you can use the price fluctuations for yourself and profit from the strong growth of the crypto market!

Profit from the strong growth of the crypto market!




Hardware share corresponds approximately to the stated purchase price

$ 3.500



Hardware share corresponds approximately to the stated purchase price

$ 500


Benefit immediately

Directly visible: Your first mining results will be credited within 24 hours after activation.

quick payment

We ensure a quick payout of your mining results.


Your income will be deposited on your wallet. You can view your current account balance at any time.

low minimum payout thresholds

Already small mining results can be given by you to the payout. So you can manage your crypto currencies even faster.

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